London Boudoir and Body Confidence Photography for Women

Tasha’s Boudoir Video

At yours or ours - it's time to celebrate YOU.

You, my friend, are the shit! Yep, that’s right, I said it – THE. SHIT. And we’re going to lead you through every step of the way towards possessing beautiful photography that is equal to your greatness.

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The Experience

See what goes on behind the scenes...

I bet you laughed your butt off at me posing on the bed!

And that is literally what it’s like on shoot day. We laugh, we joke. I actually tell my make-up artist to only use waterproof mascara!

Laddered tights

Thank You cards

Pillow fights

Thongs found

"I don't know how to pose/I'm not a model"

Tell me something I didn’t know! Nobody knows how to pose, yet everybody expects they should! Haha! You’ll be guided through every step of the way so you look your best – or your worst 😈Muhaha!

The Experience

Feeling brave?

“I never really felt comfortable in my body…

…but always wanted to do a boudoir photo shoot. When I saw the blogs and pictures Mervyn did, my initial hesitation was if I’d feel confident enough with a male photographer. After meeting up and discussing the package he made me feel at ease by listened to what I was looking for. All my doubts and worries disappeared. I loved ever bit of the photo shoot and would do it anytime again. I feel more confident in my own skin and I must say that Mervyn is very professional and makes you feel very confident and comfortable. I’m happy with the pictures! I would definitely recommend him to everyone”

I'll warn you - this is not for everyone..

This is for you and you only to have some images of you at your best! Not for likes on Instagram or because your partner has asked you to. For you! it’s also not for you if you’re expecting lots of photoshop to change your body shape. Whilst I make minor changes, I don’t believe in photoshop to make huge changes as this is counteractive to my argument – you are perfect as you are!


So if you’re prepared to go on a journey of loving yourself and getting some hot photos in the process, let’s do this!


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“I don’t know how to pose”

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