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Taking that first step is always a challenge, which is why I try to make it as easy as possible by having a no-obligation consultation upfront. 

For many of the people I’ve met during a consultation, what I hear the most is that the hardest thing was getting in touch. Mostly because of fear, which I totally understand. 

To help combat any doubts in your mind about getting in contact, here are all the ways you can get in contact with me, so there no less excuses haha

Or if you prefer, use the contact form below!



Finchley Central, London

The studio is based a short walk from Finchley Central tube station in North London. I purposefully do not release the exact address as I’ve had cases where people have tried to visit whilst a shoot was happening. It can affect the flow. So I’ve opted to only hand out the address for those who have booked. 

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